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About Sai vocational and Educational centre

SAI Educational Foundation was started on 4th April 2004, with the main objective to habilitate the persons with Disabilities. This initiated the development of SAI Vocational Development and Education centre on June’04 with Mr.HariKrishnan as president, Mr.A.R.Sivaprakasam as Secretary and Dr.Sudha Palanivelan as Treasurer.

Mr. Harikrishnan is the founder-trustee, a senior professional serving in the field of special needs and has 15years of teaching experience. His prime interest is to initiate Vocational training programme for diverse need of exceptional groups and also facilitate employability for such individual and include them as potent member in the mainstream society.

Underlying the above interest, it is seen that the important life transition for any individual is vocational development and gainful occupation.

The centre is charitable non-profit organization that renders prevocational and Vocational training for individuals with special needs and extends to secure an employment opportunity for them.

The Centre offers Transitional Educational programs and Vocational training for individuals with special needs right from 14 years of age to enable a special child to live a less dependent, productive and respectable life.

With the Ultimate aim of Employability and Independent living SAI works to impart career based education and support adult living.
Both Education and vocational training programs are planned and implemented by the qualified team of personal and backed by the specialists and experts from the field disabilities.